Donations of Curricula Open!

UniWater is now in the postition to accept donations of curricula for use in the MSc Hydrogeology programs for sub-Sahara Africa.  These programs are aimed at increasing the number of technical specialists in these countries who are capable of contibuting to finding solutions to the water crisis.  By training more hydrogeologists the water sector will be improved and there will be less reliance on foreign aid and technical expertise in the WatSan sector.

The program consists of 12 modules:  Fundamentals of Hydrogeology; Applied Basic Hydrogeology; Groundwater and Geotechnics;  Hydrochemistry; Groundwater Geophysics; Quantified Hydrogeology; Well Hydraulics; Groundwater Contamination; Integrated Water Resource Management; Borehole Drilling and Completions; Borehole Geophysics, and Field School.

All donations are welcome – as is.  No formating is required as UniWater will take care of this.  References will be properly provided, and in the event that a figure is included with no reference, it will be replaced with another which is properly referenced.  Donor approval of the finished content will be sought.

Please click on the Donation reference to the right.  Thanks!

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