Ways to Help Us

For those individuals who would like to help, we could use help in the following ways:

–  writing a technical module in the curricula (see Appendix in Case for Support at the right)

–  prepare and/or deliver a field camp based on drilling water wells, geophysics or well sampling

–  acting as a contact for funding with your company

–  raise awareness with your friends, family or workplace colleagues of what we are doing

For companies who share our vision of increased access to safe water for people in developing countries and would like to participate in this venture, suggestions we have are as follows:

–  fund the development of the modules of the curricula ($10,000/module)

– fund a class set of reference books, or purchase, at a reduced rate, a copy of a particular text for each student in a class (projected to be 10 students)

– fund or donate equipment for use in teaching


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