The Camel Caravan

The Camel Caravan is a method of identifying places where books and/or equipment are available and where they are needed. If you happen to be travelling from a location where we have books available and ready to be transported and are willing to take an extra box of luggage with you, please contact us. We are hoping to avoid the very expensive shipping fees associated with relocating reference materials.

Transfers Needed

Resources Located Destination Boxes Due Date
Calgary, Canada Morogoro, Tanzania
Aug 2016
Apr 14 2016
Calgary, Canada Nairobi, Kenya 4 2016
Calgary, Canada Calabar, Nigeria 4 2016
Edinburgh, Scotland Morogoro, Tanzania 5 2016
Edinburgh, Scotland Nairobi, Kenya 5 2016
Edinburgh, Scotland Calabar, Nigeria 5 2016
Toronto, Canada Morogoro, Tanzania 4 2016
Calgary, Canada Hawassa, Ethiopia 4 2016
Calgary, Canada Bahir Dar, Ethiopia 4 2016


Assist in Transfers

If you are interested and able to help with transferring these educational materials between the listed locations, please fill out the form below to give us an idea of your itinerary. We thank all who sign up for to support us, we will get back to you as soon as we can. For questions, please email Laurra Olmsted at Partial transfers may be accepted.