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Many university programs today are modelled on the traditional method of teaching and learning where an authoritative person lectures to a classroom of students. However, graduates aren’t always able to translate their learning in the classroom into being able to solve real-life problems. The UniWater program stresses the application side of learning by bringing real problems into the classroom and providing students with the opportunity to practice problem-solving.

An Avoidable Crisis Publication – WASH Human Resource Capacity Gaps in 15 Developing Economies An-Avoidable-Crisis-Publication_WashGaps2015.pdf

The following examples demonstrate everyday issues that are addressed by the curriculum:

Complete Program Overview
Overview (PDF)

Individual Program Strategies
Overview Appendix (PDF)
Consumption of Unsafe Water (PDF)
Distance to Obtain Water (PDF)
Fluoride in Ground Water (PDF)
Old Infrastructure (PDF)
Lack of HG Info Sharing (PDF)
Open Defecation (PDF)
Responses to Climate Change (PDF)
Use of Filthy Sources of Water (PDF)
Consumption of Unsafe Water (PDF)
Distance to Obtain Water (PDF)