Scholarship Donations Needed

In advance of Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania getting final approval to offer the MSc program in Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management, UniWater is conducting a fundraising blitz to secure at least five scholarships for students to attend their first year.  Tuition rates are $1,300/year/student.  This is only a stop-gap measure due to the short time line between when their applications will be accepted and the start of classes (a few short weeks instead of several months that they usually have to apply for traditional scholarships).  Without a guarantee of these scholarships, the university may decide not to offer the program this year.  The university expects to get approval by the end of August from the Tanzanian Commission of Universities.

All donations are tax deductible and can be made using the donation button at the right, or a cheque can be mailed in to our office.

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