Partnering with Aksum University

In November 2019, UniWater Education signed an agreement with Aksum University in northern Ethiopia to support them in establishing an MSc program in Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management.  The program will be housed at the School of Water Technology at the Shire campus.  The university currently has more than 21,000 students at both a bachelor and masters level, and is one of the ten public “second generation” universities in Ethiopia.  The School of Water Technology is an emerging water-specialized academic and research institute, serving the development of water infrastructure for water security, food security, energy security and ecosystem services by education and research. The new MSc program will be supported by visiting professors from other universities (currently the University of Toronto Scarborough, and the University of California Santa Barbara) for the first three years while staff members complete their studies as PhD candidates.  Of critical importance in this relationship is the establishment of a Field School, where students learn to put theory into practice.  Aksum University will be offering a number of scholarships for top quality applicants. UniWater is excited to help Aksum University to get this program established as soon as possible.

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