UniWater Education Limited is a social enterprise (non-profit) that is funded primarily by donations.  We have a 5 year projection of costs for overhead, which includes the administrative costs associated with coordinating the programs, developing the module-formated curriculum, and setting up partnerships between universities.  Funding for programs and scholarships will be funded by International Development Agencies.

A detailed budget can be found in the Case For Support
UniWaterEducation_Case-for-Support-Field-School-September-2017 (PDF)
UniWaterEducation_Case-for-Support-Field-School-September-2017,abbreviated (PDF)

If you, or your organization wish to become a financial partner, please contact us.

Additional Documents

UniWaterEducation_Annual-Report-2017 (PDF)
UniWaterEducation_Annual-Report-2016 (PDF)
UniWaterEducation_Annual-Report-2015 (PDF)
UniWaterEducation_Annual-Report-2014 (PDF)