Camel Caravan is on its Way!

UniWater has just begun our latest venture in global community action! We have a growing number of professional hydrogeologists, hydrologists, geologists or any number of environmental professionals who have text books and equipment gathering dust on their bookshelves. Many times professionals who are retiring would like to clear out their offices yet do not know of a ‘home’ for their beloved books. We have received emails of offers of these resource items, but given the weight of them combined with shipping charges, it has been problematic in determining a way to get these books/equipment to African universities where students could make use of them. Many of the universities that we visited had very few resources in their libraries.

Our initiative is to link up the locations where the books reside with people who are travelling from these locations to the places where they are needed. Indeed, even if we can get books to the nearest city, the cost of ground transportation is considerably less than shipping a box of books internationally.

We welcome all contributions to this project. If you have technical books (particularly relatively recent editions, and especially in the environmental field, hydrogeology or hydrology disciplines) please contact me. Or, if you have plans to travel to Morogoro (Tanzania), Nairobi (Kenya) or Calabar (Nigeria) in the near future, and are willing to take a box of books, please contact Laurra at

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