About UniWater Education

UniWater Education Limited was founded in 2011 as a non-profit social enterprise organization that aims to help fight the World Water Crisis by facilitating the education of more professionals to work on this issue.  The focus is to get more MSc hydrogeology and water resources programs into established universities in areas of the world that have insufficient water to meet the needs of the population.  By providing programs in-country students will not need to leave their home countries to get educated, and it will reduce the need for foreign aid.

The program is a 12 month course based Masters in Hydrogeology that focusses on water resources in developing countries.  The program finishes with a 3 month project which allows the student to concentrate on a particular area of interest.

Currently we are looking for individuals and institutions who wish to collaborate with us in this venture.  In particular, we are seeking the following:

1.  Universities with established undergraduate math and science programs where an MSc of this nature would be welcomed and supported.

2.  Universities where this type of program is already established who would be willing to partner with a university starting a program – to offer support and assistance to ensure its ongoing viability.

3.  Professionals who are willing to provide their time and expertise in developing a modular curriculum that could be adapted to a program with various focusses.

4. Organizations or corporations who share our vision and wish to contribute financially to UniWater.

Please contact info@uniwatered.org for more information or to join our group.