A Big Thank You

Robert Siegrist, James McKinley and Rebecca Parzen have generously donated their module on Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse to UniWater’s program.  This set of lectures was developed by Dr. Robert Siegrist at the Colorado School of Mines, to serve as a Master’s level course on decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse applicable to rural areas in the USA.  Jim McKinley and Rebecca Parzen, former graduate students of Dr. Siegrist, subsequently adapted the curriculum for a Master’s course at The University of San Simon, in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Changes to the original curriculum included a larger focus on technologies available in developing countries and translating the course into Spanish.  The latest version of this curriculum, for use by UniWater has been translated back into English and continues to prioritize decentralized wastewater technologies that are applicable to developing countries.

UniWater Education Limited.

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